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Conversion Status

10/3 2:00PM - Sharepoint security conversion is also now complete. Please try to access email and sharepoint. Report any issues to the help desk email provided in previous emails. You may also call the help desk number between 8 and 4:30 M-F.

10/2 6:00PM - First pass conversion is complete. You can now log into your email and review. Emails can be sent and received from Office 365 as of now. There are still some security issues with the sharepoint intranet that will be converted over the rest of the weekend.

10/1 6:00PM - Email traffic confirmed both incoming and outgoing. Conversion is running and progressing well. This process will continue overnight. Next update on Saturday morning. You can now access the new aapa intranet page at if you would like to preview changes. Not all security has been migrated so some portions of the site may not yet be accessible.

10/1 1:00PM  - Conversion to Office 365 has begun. New messages are now being delivered to Office 365. You will be able to access these messages by Monday morning. Conversion of all contacts and calendars as well as last 90 days of email has begun.