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Children’s Hospital of St Paul

Preparing your patient for an anesthetic at Children's Hospital of St Paul.

What is required prior to an anesthetic?

What types of pediatric patients are not typically candidates for ambulatory/outpatient surgery?

It is the intent of AAPA to prioritize patient safety in any care setting. This document identifies patients who would be best cared for in an inpatient facility due to the increased risk related to their co-morbid conditions or limitations of the outpatient setting.


What if the parents call with concerns about post-operative pain control?

Your pediatric patient's surgeon is responsible for prescribing the pain medication used during the immediate post-surgical period. If a parent calls with pain control concerns within a few days of the operation or if the child's pain subsides but then returns at a significant level, we recommend contacting the surgeon's office, as these symptoms may be the result of a complication that the surgeon would like to evaluate. For normal pain control, pediatric acetaminophen or ibuprofen works well. We have attached a reference from the Children's Hospital that may be helpful to your staff.

Pediatric dosage chart for Acetaminophen & Ibuprofen