About Us

Support System Leaders

Therese Stecher

Human Resources Director:

Jolene Little

Jolene Little joined AAPA in August of 2018 as the Human Resources Director.  Jolene provides  leadership for many aspects of AAPA’s Human Resources processes and procedures. She has over 25 years of HR experience in the health care industry.  In her spare time , Jolene enjoys traveling, cooking, baseball and spending time with family and friends.


Jason Stotts

CRNA Manager:

Jason Stotts, CRNA

Jason Stotts has been a CRNA since 1989, and was appointed the CRNA manager in 2006. He provides significant expertise in the area of CRNA resource utilization and clinical scheduling for all of AAPA's facilities.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys film, theater, mountain climbing, and avoiding yard work.

Robyn Gray

Chief Financial Officer:

Robyn Gray, MBA

Robyn Gray joined AAPA in May of 2011 as the CFO. She provides leadership in all aspects of AAPA's financial systems.  Robyn obtained her undergraduate degree in finance from Minnesota State University, Moorhead and her MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

In her spare time, Robyn enjoys traveling, gardening, and musical theater.