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Your Anesthesiologist 

An anesthesiologist is a board certified physician who has devoted years to specializing in the field of anesthesiology. Your anesthesiologist will review your medical history and evaluate your current health status in order to prescribe the best anesthetic for you. Any invasive monitoring lines, nerve blocks, or special airway procedures will be performed by the anesthesiologist. During your procedure, an anesthesiologist directs your care, closely monitors your progress, and is always immediately available should any concerns arise during your operation or recovery.


Your CRNA is a registered nurse who has completed additional specialized training to become certified as a nurse anesthetist. Your CRNA will discuss the anesthesia plan with the anesthesiologist prior to your procedure. During your operation, the CRNA will give you medications to keep you comfortable and will continuously monitor your heart, blood pressure, and breathing. Should they have any concerns about your status, they will alert the anesthesiologist who is always immediately available.

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